One story at a time to teach skills

What is it like to go to school in India? As important it is for a child to go to school, learning has to be fun for kids and nothing engages a child as a good story. If children read stories in school, it will impart values, skills and will increase their reading habits. When children read stories, they are given the liberty to imagine, create and envision the story as anything they want to. Stories impact their young minds and these stories help them solve problems they confront in their lives.

We believe in the power of stories to change the school systems. The stories we write for children comes in beautiful colours, with detailed illustrations and graphics. With every story come a skill they learn and a skills challenge they complete.
As India innovates, we are taking stories to the next level to be accessible to kids around the globe. We are going digital! Storytelling has been an effective tool to teach kids from years. Children relate to the protagonist and care for matters that affect their community. Deepanshu Prakash Soni, a grade 9 student reads skills stories every Saturday and is learning a new skill every week.

She says, “There are too many road accidents taking place nowadays. I think the local municipality who is at fault because they cut down so many trees to build the roads, and they didn’t put any speed breakers. They have not put any signboards and the roads have very sharp turns”.

It’s time for kids globally to read these stories and identify the problems existing in their communities and be the problem solver who comes with a plan. Find a range of stories on our online library and learn a new skill every skill! Are you ready to get aboard on the digital journey and bring a change with one story at a time? All aboard! It’s time to visit the library.